Testimonials like this make our heart sing. Thank you Janey for sharing your family fitness story from Kitsilano Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.  Here at Oxygen we are so proud that our Far Infrared System and Fitness Classes are making a difference in people lives and bringing people together.

“My name is Janey Yu. I’ve been coming to Oxygen Kitsilano since June 2017 but started coming regularly in September. It is a great location. My parents and I passed it when there were some opening event and I thought I could try it out.

What first attracted me to Oxygen Kitsilano was the people. The people. The people! Have I mentioned the fabulous people there?  Yoga is great. There are many styles and lots of locations. But here,  people are knowledgeable, approachable, passionate and understanding. This builds a real sense of community and I also love the breathable heat and the health benefits of FAR Infrared!

I decided to bring  my parents to Oxygen Kitsilano because I have personally felt better on the days that I have gone to class. There were less bodily aches and pain, and I would have a deeper , more peaceful sleep at night.  I thought it would be a great form of exercise for them and it would help their overall health and well-being!

And you know what? They LOVED it! They are much more diligent than me! Now they partner up, reminding each other and make sure I don’t cut classes! And keep in mind that only my mother had tried yoga with me before, my dad was completely new to it. They have never committed to it and although they have tried other yoga studios before, they never became members anywhere else. This is their first membership in any fitness studio and they are now even more committed than I am. 

What we love the most is the breathable heat.  It’s not overwhelming in terms of heat and humidity. The infrared helps us so much that we all leave class with a good workout feeling refreshed and not depleted.

After coming for all these months,  all of us have found that our bodies suffer less pain and aches. All of us feel a better level of energy. Since we are all doing yoga we share a new interest and enjoyment as a family!

Our experience has been great ? it’s fabulous to have a family activity to encourage families to sign up together!”

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