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On Thursday, March 30th I took another weekly trip to a new Oxygen Yoga & Fitness studio. This time, the location was at Kensington, in Burnaby. The class that I managed to take was a 6:45pm class called Freedom Flow, by the wonderful instructor Lorraine.

The Freedom Flow class is a fun and dynamic routine that gradually works its way into a flowing sequence, linking various Yoga poses together. The point at the end of this session was that you “would finish finish feeling energized, calm and ready to face your world!”. I can honestly say with my experience, I felt exactly this. Yoga has always seemed to be something that you could do if you were already a flexible person, but I got the chance to ask the instructor Lorraine all the myths I believed!

Lorraine: Hi my name is Lorraine I am an Instructor at Oxygen Yoga

Me: How long have you been an instructor?

Lorraine: oh I’ve been instructing yoga for decades

Me: What is your favourite part of being an instructor?

Lorraine: Connecting to people and meeting new people, it is like a community event

Me: I like that at the beginning you always use a mantra. do you feel like if people just practice yoga all the time they would get more flexible?

Lorraine: do I believe it? yes absolutely!

Me: Have you seen it?

Lorraine: yes!

Me: how often would you say it’s good to practice yoga

Lorraine: I would say, no harm in doing it daily. That’s what is so good about Oxygen. You have a membership and if you got time you can come here every day and there are so many different types of classes and you never get bored!

This class is open for all levels with flows that help you to connect and tap into your inner strength. If you have the time and want to try something that would challenge you as well as relax you, then stop by Oxygen Yoga at Kensington and take a class with Lorraine. She was calm, helpful, and offered a variety of poses for those who were beginners such as myself, as well as techniques to challenge yourself for the higher levels.

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