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Do you have the qualities necessary to become a yoga instructor?

So you’re thinking about going to yoga school to become an instructor but you’re not sure if it is the right fit for you personality.  I hear questions about this all the time from would-be instructors.  Let me tell you that every instructor is different and his or her own personality will shine through.  This makes every teacher unique and draws students to them that need their unique gifts.  This is part of the beauty of yoga.

However, there are a few qualities that I think are very important for teachers to have and to cultivate.  Of course I agree with B.K.S. Iyengar.

“Confidence, clarity & compassion are essential qualities of a teacher.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

And I’m going to add a few more…

Be Humble- Once you start teaching you will build a beautiful community of wonderful people.  These people will often tell you how great you are.  Although this can feel amazing it is important to stay humble and remember that we are still human and are on the journey just like everyone else.

Be of Service- In the beginning we come to yoga for personal reasons but in order to expand and grow as instructors we need to teach for others.  Of course it is important to keep our personal practice strong because we can’t give to others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.  However, when we teach we are there for the students.  We are there to be of service and support them in their growth.

Be Eager to Keep Growing and Learning- When you come out of yoga school you will not know everything.  Two hundred hours, the length of a teacher training, is not nearly long enough to learn everything there is to know.  It really is just an introduction to the wide world of yoga.  I’ve been teaching for 13 years and I still know that I know nothing.  I am a continuous student of yoga.

Keep these qualities in mind throughout your career and I’m sure you’ll find success and satisfaction in your teaching journey.  Most importantly, stay true to yourself and your style and let your unique personality lead you!



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