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YogaWelcome to Oxygen Yoga and Fitness.  You will be embarking on a new style of contemporary yoga, fused with fitness, pilates and foundations of yoga.  But before you get started please keep in mind of some basic things that will help you before coming to class at Oxygen.  These rules and suggestions help maintain an enjoyable environment.  Classes begin promptly and are subject to room capacity.

*Please pre-register to ensure that you will have a spot for yourself.

*Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign-in.  The doors will be locked in between classes for the safety of members personal belongings and to avoid interruptions during class.

*Please keep your voices low, once you enter the studio, as we don’t want to disturb others who are taking the time to quiet their minds before their practice.

*Please turn off your cell phones or put them on silent while in the studio.

*Please do not wear perfumes to class.

*Please clean your mats, equipment and surrounding areas with Tea Tree Spray bottles before and after class. ( for cleanliness)

All in all, take it easy your first couple of classes and try a variety to find your favorites!  Be mindful of your own limitations and push yourself to your own personal best!  Enjoy your practice and taking the time for yourself while you visit us at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness.

Thank you,

Team Oxygen

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