FAR Infrared Fitness is far better.

Burn fat, increase your flexibility, and improve your skin tone in just 1 hour

More than just yoga.

Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga improves your skin tone & stimulates the production of collagen

Remove bacteria, dead skin, dirt & sweat from your skin leaving it clean, rejuvenated and acne free! Get your Sexy Glow on!

Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga strengthens your immune system : Because the body temperature is elevated the infrared heat is in effect creating an artificial fever. Your immune system is stimulated and works to fight bacteria and viruses presently in your system.

Have fun, reshape your body, and feel confident as you now know that your as your body temperature is elevated by the infrared heat, and your immune system is stimulated and works to fight viruses and bacteria thats in your body.

Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga helps  to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Feel sexy and confident the next time you show off beach body!  Infrared waves are absorbed by the cells of the body, helping to break down stubborn cellulite into a water soluble substance that can now be eliminated through sweating.

Let’s face it, working out gets boring if you do the same routine over and over.

Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga classes are an exhilarating experience! We offer a complete full body Yoga workout in just a single session while fusing the core strengthening Pilates moves in an easy-to-follow class that will keep you excited and interested.

We don`t force you to practice the same boring routine over and over, we give you lots of modifications and variations to take your practice to the next level.  We don’t only work on your flexibility, we also work on your core strength!

Incorporating infrared heat to your Yoga practice is a fun way to workout and burn body fat which aids in weight loss.  It also helps to improve the tone of your skin and aids in removing stubborn cellulite.  Imagine what it would be like to have clear silky skin, taking years off your face and being the strongest you have ever been!

And if you suffer from muscle aches and pains, you will notice instantly how our beautiful state of the art system helps ease achy tired muscles.  Our fully certified professional instructors also will give you lots of modifications and variations to suit your individual needs.  We would never force you to do a pose that is beyond your limits, and at the same time, we would never limit your potential by giving you cookie cutter poses that don’t allow you to grow, challenge yourself and reach your personal goals.

So while you are sweating up a yoga storm, you not only will you burn calories, but you sweat out toxins from your body!  With our unique Infrared studio design, you sweat out seven times more toxins that if you were to go to a regular hot yoga studio, where and that is because with the infrared the waves are absorbed more deeply into the cells of your body.  So, basically you are detoxifying at a cellular level! And while you are sweating out these toxins, you’ll have a blast melting away any stress and worries, while burning fat and getting lean!

About Oxygen
  • Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga has changed the lives of thousands of participants
  • We are the original Infrared Hot Yoga studio, often imitated, but never duplicated
  • Oxygen’s Infrared Hot Yoga works on your flexibility and your core strength
  • As your heart rate increases slightly due to the heating of your tissues, your blood flow increases, improving your circulation.

While regular hot yoga studios just blast hot air at you, using conventional heaters. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness offers our state of the art far infrared technology that heats you up from the inside out. And when you walk into a regular hot yoga studio the heat can be oppressively hot, and some people have stated feeling nauseous and extremely uncomfortable. When you walk into an Oxygen Infrared Studio, it feels like you are on the beach! The temperature is so warm and balmy and it feels perfect.

Listen to what our members are saying!

“As a new comer to the yoga world, I find it amazing how calming, helpful and enjoyable. I’ll admit I was scared at first to try Far Infrared, but now I am addicted! I started with one class a week, and now I am coming as much as I can- Now up to 5 days a week. I have convinced friends to join me for a class, and they too are hooked. The stresses of school and work just melt away.  Thank youfor all your encouragements to be myself in class, I am indebted to you.”
~ Brittaney

“I love the yoga classes and find them challenging and rewarding. Knowing that I get to enjoy all the benefits of infrared heat while expanding my yoga practice is great, especially since spas in Vancouver charge $25 to sit in their infrared saunas for 25 minutes (no workout included)!!!”
~ Gina

“Every time I come to class, there are more and more students benefiting from the teaching you offer – more bodies, minds and hearts becoming stronger, more peaceful, and happier. You’ve created a beautiful studio, a wonderful atmosphere, and a flexible schedule that I am so happy we have in Maple Ridge! I finally feel like I have found what I am looking for in a class!! I feel that I have found a teacher and a place where I can grow again. I love the heat (much more bearable that Bikram’s) and I love that we get to do so many different poses, and that I am free to try harder versions.”
~ Danielle

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