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The Power of Your Breathe is Amazing!!!   Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you literally forget to breathe?
When things are getting crazy, taking a moment away to focus on your breath is essential. It may often seem like it’s the last thing you actually have time to do, but a mini-break for a few deep breaths can make a huge difference in your sense of well-being. Here’s why:

  • A few deep breaths can relax your body and release tension. I don’t know about you, but my jaw clenches really tight when I’m stressed!
  • A few deep breaths can bring calm to your mind. It’s amazing how being away from your inbox for a few short minutes can help ease your worries.
  • A few deep breaths can give you clarity and new solutions. Changing your geography can do wonders for inspiring new ideas and de-cluttering the brain.
  • A few deep breaths can make you feel a sense of control. You suddenly become aware of the fact that you ARE indeed the one breathing in and out. You don’t have to rely on anyone else for this!
  • A few deep breaths can remind you that, at the end of the day, breath brings you life. You would literally die without it…

Allow yourself to manage and be in control of your thoughts…your  practice will allow you to escape and manage your thoughts, therefore resulting in positive actions.

What the yoga helps you learn is how to ‘be’ and how, if you’re thinking too much then you’re spending too much time in your head and letting your thoughts run your life.

Visit our Deep Stretch class if you need to calm your mind — It’s true that what we’re trying to do when we?go to yoga is to manage that busy head, control the massive amount of thinking and find some peace and calm.

Infrared Hot Yoga is a great way to tone up, get lean and de-stress all in one class. Combined with a healthy diet, Oxygen’s far infrared classes will help you shed extra bodyfat, giving you sleek defined abs and tight strong legs

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