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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is GROWING! We are bringing our amazing Infrared Technology and Contemporary Yoga & Fitness Programs to cities all over Western Canada but we have only just gotten started.

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is predominantly on the western side of Canada with currently 16 locations and increasing every month. Plans to expand across Canada for 2014 and beyond are already in the works with inquiries coming into head office from all over Canada every month. The tricky part is finding the right partners to join our team who is a perfect match of coachable to our franchise systems while still an excited and enthusiastic business person with the ability to be a self starter who can manage their team of passionate instructors.

So with so many franchise options out there, especially in the health and wellness industry, why is it that so many people are choosing to inquire and eventually start an Oxygen Yoga and Fitness franchise? If you have never started your own business before then it can be an intimidating and overwhelming thought and knowing where to start can be daunting.

One of the things we ensure that we do is guide you through a very simple process of discovery, ensure we answer all of your questions, and before you know it, your very own studio is being built and the start of your own legacy is about to begin. But aside from the start up, here are 2 other features that make us appealing as a franchise to many first time owners and even veterans in the business industry.

Stage of our Life Cycle We are at a very appealing stage of any franchises life cycle. We have a proven track record of success not just with a couple franchise locations, but many. Yet, we are still new enough that if you chose to start a franchise with us, you will be ale to get a prime location with plenty of population and perfect demographics. We aren’t even close to saturation. Lastly, because we are so young our franchise fee’s are still so low that you are getting great value plus have a lot of brand equity to earn over the years of building your business.

Allowing You Time to Do 1 Thing. Generate Revenue  Ask any business owner and they will usually all agree; sourcing, hiring and training employees consumes the most time and often the most money in your business. Time that could be spent on other things like generating revenue for your business.

The key to Oxygen Yoga and Fitness’ success is maintaining a consistent service experience at every franchise location. If the fitness classes are not the same at each location then we risk losing what makes Oxygen so popular with our members. To ensure this consistency, when you become an Oxygen Yoga Franchise Owner, we handle all of the sourcing and training of your instructors. All the owner must do is choose who they want to hire and schedule them for the classes that will appeal most to their specific clientele. That’s It!

This is absolutely ENORMOUS for any business owner and one of the biggest reasons why our franchises are so successful and why so many prospective business owners choose to purchase and Oxygen Yoga and Fitness franchise.

We want to bring an Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Yoga Studio to a City nearest YOU! And who better to start one then you!

Contact us today and let us answer 90% of all of your initial questions to help you decide if this is an avenue that you would like to spend further time investigating- email

We look forward to talking to you soon!

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