Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Chilliwack is always striving to bring you events and classes that will improve your daily life! We are very excited to offer a workshop that will improve your day-to-day life through breathwork.

Clarity Breathwork is a circular, gentle and powerful approach to healing our whole being – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Circular breathing balances the nervous system and brings awareness to the stress-points in our body where we hold the impacts of our experiences and traumas.
Breathwork experiences vary from person to person and session to session. Some of the benefits that people have experienced include:
– Increased aliveness, clarity, and joy
– Physical, emotional and mental healing
– Forgiveness and release from the past
– Enhanced connection and creativity
– Reduced stress and deep feeling of inner peace
– Greater sense of abundance and ease
– Awakening more deeply to one’s true self
This workshop is led by Leah and Kylie.
Leah Barsher is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, dance teacher, and an apprenticing Herbalist. She holds degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara in Cultural Anthropology and Art and completed her studies in Medicinal Herbalism from the Ojai School of Herbal Studies. She also studied Thai Culture for one year at Thammasat University in Bangkok. While living in Thailand, she was introduced to Thich Nhat Hahn’s monastic community at the Thai Plum Village International Practice Center. Here she learned the compassion-based practices of meditation and mindfulness, which opened her mind, heart, and spirit to a deep knowing of interconnection and a life spent living and working for personal & societal transformation.
Kylie Judge is passionate about whole being healing and is the creatress of Flow Wellness, which was birthed out of living for over 15 years with Chronic Lyme Disease and Bio-Toxin Illness. She is formally trained in education and taught kindergarten for many years; that joy of teaching spills over into all of her offerings. She is a yoga teacher trained in hatha, yin and nidra, as well as a Clarity Breath Practitioner. Kylie enjoys supporting others on their own healing journeys by sharing the methods that finally lead her to being well. Clarity Breathwork is one of the healing arts that allowed her to let go of stuck emotion/ trauma, release toxins, calm her nervous system and restore balance to her body.
The workshop is 3 hours and will have 4 main components: expressive/meditative movement, sharing and listening exercises focused on compassion and connection, introduction to the practice of Clarity Breathwork including a detailed explanation of the process and its effects.
Tickets are $50 in advance, or $60 at the door. The first 5 to pre-register receive an additional $10 off advance pricing! 
Email chilliwack@oxygenyogafitness.com to reserve your spot!

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