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Get Your Best Body with Yoga


Last summer I gave up the gym. Why? because I don’t like going.  I know this isn’t something fitness professional should say, but it’s the truth.


I had a realization last summer at a Yoga Festival in Whistler.  Every time I was about to go to the gym I dreaded it, I literally forced myself there with the fear that if I didn’t kick my own ass with an insane cardio routine I would gain weight, but on the other hand I always looked forward to going to yoga. I couldn’t wait to see my friends at class, try fun poses and get a mental break at the end.


So I stopped going.  I replaced my regular gym workout with yoga classes and I’m so glad I did.  My biggest concern when I stopped going to the gym was that I would gain weight or not be as fit, but its been over 6 months and I have actually lost a couple pounds and if anything I’m in better shape.  These are the reasons why:


-When you go to classes your pushed out of your comfort zone, where as when we workout by ourselves we tend do the same comfortable routine.


-the instructor has an eye on you and your will power increases


-you’re always changing your workout depending on the instructor or class type


-most yoga poses are strengthening, and when building muscle the body burns more calories post workout then a cardio routine.


So the point I’m trying to make is that you need to find something physical that you love, if you actually enjoy what your doing then your way more likely to stick to a routine, and consistency is what delivers results!


Life is short so be good to yourself J



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