When looking at a business you will definitely want to have an interest in the business that you are starting. Whether it be a passion for the Yoga and Fitness Industry and wanting to instruct and work for yourself doing what you love or a passion for a business with a strong foundation and good market potential, you must be inspired to see it be successful.

But does that mean that you need to be able to do all aspects of your business?


There is a great book out there that is called the franchise bible to many called the E-Myth and it’s main message is to work on your business, not in it. What that means is that if you are stuck doing the day to day workings of your business that you will lack growth because you aren’t out there pushing it forward, making new contacts, and driving excitement in your community.

So, can being an instructor be helpful? Of course. The more knowledge that you have the better you can communicate your message but in no way is it mandatory.

Part of being in a franchise system is that you go through extensive franchise training. Part of our training system is helping you to learn about our classes and programs, our instructors, what makes a successful business and how to built it up into a flourishing income producing machine for you and your family.

Of all of our franchise owners, about half do not have any yoga certification under their belt and they are equally successful compared to those who do, however, I will say this. Of those who are able to be instructors, once their business grows to a certain size, many stop instructing or at least reduce the number of classes that they teach because they end up going onto opening a second and third studio so they can scale their success.

If you are interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor then we have classes starting up in the New Year that you can register for.  Simply visit this link for more information. https://oxygenyogaandfitness.com/about-us/oxygen-instructors/

If you are interested in potentially starting your own franchise then be sure to visit us at the link below and join us for our next Live Information Webinar to find out more about the costs and revenues, operational support and brand.



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