When you first started hot yoga, didn’t you find ?yourself looking around the room at others – or checking yourself in the
mirror to see if you had managed to “go deeper”?

Or perhaps you’ve felt yourself comparing your poses to othersin the room (better or worse)?
And then as I mentioned above, feeling that elation when there is a breakthrough to a new part of a pose!But if you’ve been practicing for a while, I’m sure you’vealready discovered this is one of the least gratifying things about hot yoga, compared to how brilliantly it stops us fromgetting caught up in our own egos and “what we’ve achieved”!

You see, once we give up THE NEED (notice I don’t say give up your goals!) to “do”, we can use our yoga to ENJOY our being-ness, our journey, and in so doing, become “equanimous” (or, to be less?fancywith my words; “at peace with who & where I am and what is

Jen Hamilton

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