One of the biggest gifts in this life is the power to create. We create individually, and collectively we’ve created incredible things over thousands of years, things we still look back on with wonder.

The power of creation isn’t one to be used lightly though. We also have the power to create destruction and pain.

Let us take a moment to reflect on our mantra of the week “ I create happiness”, and consider if we are using our power of creation for happiness in our lives. It is hard focused work to create an inner dialogue process of positivity. You can take action to improve overall happiness with a gratitude journal if you struggle.  Start by writing three things you’re grateful for nightly. Soon you’ll catch yourself thinking of things you can’t wait to write in your journal. This is a simple step to creating happiness within.

At Oxygen Yoga and Fitness we aim to create a happy pleasant environment. Encouraging growth, strength, self love, kindness, self respect, self actualization and all those other war fuzzy feels that make you happy. We create Happiness in our daily interaction at Oxygen as well as just by teaching and participating in movement. Did you know that moving your body causes a release of endorphins that trigger a warm fuzzy feeling?  Web MD states that the feeling of endorphins during a workout is comparable to the calmness of morphine, and in turn makes the body more tolerable of pain. Even if you don’t believe you can create happiness by thinking good things you can create a healthier mental state just by working out. Studies have suggested that consistent exercise has been a way to alleviate mild depression, ward off anxiety and improve sleep. Funny how simply treating yourself right creates a happy body to live in. I wonder what kind of world we could create just by creating our own happiness.

You know the drill, repeat after me:
“I Create Happiness”
“I Create Happiness”
“I Create Happiness”

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