In our Oxygen community we are committed to the growth of each member. We want to change the way people live, give them their power and show them the strength they possess. Every week we sing a mantra together to affirm this idea of self love, of growth, and of achievement. This week our mantra is “I love who I am”. This one is hard for me and I’m sure many others who’ve felt the sting of harsh words telling us “not enough”.

Sol, I have one question: why are we letting others define what makes us worthy of our own love!? We give so much power away when we don’t love who are mind, body and soul. Not allowing ourselves to enjoy the beauty of this life because we are too loud, fat, short, thin, big, hairy, small, whatever other descriptive word you’re using to tell yourself you’re not worthy. These words are just descriptions, when did they become so negative? Women with curves in the early 1920’s used to ponder ads telling them how to gain weight to fit that the norm of that time. Then women began to eat just egg whites and salad to fit the next ideal. WOMEN IN CHINA USED TO BREAK THEIR FEET TO FIT AN IDEAL OF BEAUTY…. let that sink in. We are hurting these unbelievable bodies we were given both mentally and physically when we do not love them and treat them right.

In Megan Crabbe’s book Body Positive Power she cites a survey that states 54% of women would rather be hit by a bus than fat and a survey of 384 men found that 35% would give up a year of life to be their ideal weight. This belief that you can’t enjoy the feeling of love, the feeling of petting a dog, smelling flowers, eating gourmet or any other pleasure of life because of how you look is not ok! This life has so many things to offer so know that if someone has told you “not enough” they are also depriving themselves of self love. They might also believe they are not worthy of something; maybe their own love.

We spend so much time on social media or reading magazines about the idolized 5% of our population painting them as gods worthy of love. Well news flash you are a god or goddess worthy of love, of your love. You are built out of love, light, strength, hardships, joy, passion, kindness and I wish everyone could see it within. Even on some social media, yoga is seen as perfect people doing perfect poses and “it’s not yoga if you have rolls and can’t balance on your arms”…  AGAIN HECK THAT! Yoga is a means of nurturing the body and mind, even fitness has that mind body connection too. Movement is truly the exploration of your body, a gift we are not all grateful for.

Every day we get to wake up, with a roof over our head, food on our plate and a society to interact with. Why do you think you’re not worthy of it? Why do you have to fit into a mold to be a part of it. You are unique, you are you. Learn to stop listening to others negative perspectives on right and wrong and just live your life, your truth. As said by a queen of self love: “Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgment of others.” – Oprah Winfrey

I know self love is hard and keeping a gratitude journal is something suggested by Thrive Global to help improve the way you think about your life and body. When I started a gratitude journal 3 years ago I struggled to think of things I loved and wrote things like “my hair is long”, “I like my height”, “I am kind”. Some days I only had two things to be grateful for. Fast forward through years of journals, of complimenting good work, self care and self acceptance I am happy in my skin and working to live life to the fullest. I wish you the same. Join us in studio this week to practice self love and nurturing, and to sing loud and proud “I LOVE WHO I AM”


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