Kelsey Carignan and the rest of her Oxygen support system is going to kick Cancer in its metaphorical butt and we’re going to do it with KINDNESS!

Meet Kelsey Carignan, a member of our Oxygen Yoga Family. Kelsey has been a part of the team for three years, most currently teaching at our Oxygen Langley locations; Walnut Grove and WIlloughby. One month ago Kelsey was diagnosed with breast cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes. Though Kelsey has a long treatment to prepare for she’s staying strong and preparing with kindness. Kelsey and her family have begun the fight of her life, and Oxygen want to fight this too; with Kindness. You can find a link to her go fund me page, set up by loved ones, at the end of the page.  

Kelsey, who remains in high spirits, is teaching her last class on November 14th from 9:30-10:30 at Walnut Grove. She will be offering this class with entry by donation of an unopened toy. All toys are donated the to the BC Children’s Hospital. Hoping to start the ignite the idea that kindness cures. There’s a cure in being there for someone, offering kind words when they need it, giving gifts to kids in need; this is the kindness the world needs. Strangers being unconditionally kind to everyone because you really never know the fight someone hides behind their smile. Kindness can change the world of individuals and the communities they make up. Join Kelsey this Wednesday November 14th for her karma class. This will be the last class she teaches before she spends the time to recover. Walnut Grove and Willoughby Oxygen Yoga will also begin selling pins at the front with proceeds going to help Kelsey’s Cause.

It is hard to watch part of our Oxygen Family go through something so difficult. We are sending our love, thoughts, and support. Any support for Kelsey will mean the world to all involved in Kelsey’s life. Help the cure with kindness.

Support Kelsey Via Go Fund Me

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