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5 “Healthy” Foods that are Crazy High in Sugar


Tons of food companies are using the words “natural” or “organic” in their marketing to convince consumers that their products are healthy.


Nutritional needs are different for everyone, kids and men obviously can eat more calories, so some of these products are good for someone with a bigger calorie bank, but if you are trying to lose weight you really need to watch your sugar.





Although granolas provides us with lots of nutrients its very dense in calories and sugar.


Natures Path Organic Granola

¾ cup serving

calories 260

sugar 10grams





Yogurt is an awesome way to get protein and some probiotics, however its one of the worst sugar offenders! Buy plain and add a small amount of natural sweetener like honey or agave.


Liberte Lemon Yogurt

¾ cup serving

calories 230

sugar 23 grams!!! (that’s the same as haagen dazs icecream)




A fruit smoothie at home made with nut milk and protein powder is a great meal replacement, but the ones sold at food chains are packed with sweetened yogurt and juice, major sugar offenders.


Booster Juice Strawberry Sunshine

Small size

Calories 148

Sugar 26.5 grams!!!




Basically a power bar is a dressed up chocolate bar, in fact they usually have more calories then a chocolate bar.


PowerBar Performance Energy

Calories 220

Sugar 29 grams!




Dried fruit is actually one of the highest foods on the glycemic index, so unless you plan on running a marathon stay away!


Dried Mango

Just 1/3 of  a cup


160 calories

32 grams of sugar! (now the granola doesn’t look so bad…)



Remember. Always. CHECK THE LABEL




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