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Yoga for a Great Butt


Here’s a great sequence for anyone looking to tone and tighten their tush. Hold all of the poses for 5-10 breaths and do 2 sets. For best results try to practice most days, it shouldn’t take you longer then 20 minutes!



Single Leg Downward Dog


Begin in a regular down dog, hands shoulder width apart, fingers spread, press through the palms and lift the hips forming an upside down V, feet should be hip width apart. Now lift one leg off the mat, flex the foot and try to lift it as high as you can. On your inhale breath draw the knee into the chest and as you exhale press the foot back. Repeat for 5 breaths on each side, after your first sequence come down onto your knees and rest before beginning the second set.


Warrior 3


In this pose balance on one leg and try to bring your torso as close to parallel with the floor as you can, beginners keep your hands in prayer position at your heart, for a more advanced version draw your arms out over your head so they are inline with your torso, biceps should be at your ears.


Chair Pose


Keeping your feet hip width apart sit back like you would if you were sitting in a chair, the more of a bend in the knees the better. Open up your chest and lift your arms up to a 45 degree angle, biceps should be in line with your ears. To make it harder you can also come up onto your tiptoes.


Bridge Pose


While laying on your back bend your knees placing the soles of your feet onto the mat, lift your hips and draw the arms under your back, palms face down. Keep trying to lift your hips up as high as you can while squeezing your butt, if you want to make it more difficult lift one leg off of the mat and have the sole of the foot facing the sky.


Locust Pose


Lie face down on your mat, arms are behind your back with fingers interlaced and palms together. Now lift your chest up off the mat and at the same time try to draw your thighs off the mat, arms lift away from your back. Keep the neck long with shoulders away from your ears.



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