Stretching in the infrared at Oxygen will allow you to stretch with more ease!

Stretching is a form of exercise that involves controlled lengthening and shortening of various muscles in your body. It is frequently performed in association with more strenuous forms of exercise such as aerobics or strength training. While stretching does not typically contribute to weight loss, it does help prepare your body for exercises that do help you lose weight.

Weight-Loss Exercises

To lose or control your weight through exercise, you will need to perform either aerobic or strength-training exercises, according to Medline Plus. Exercises in these categories promote weight loss by increasing muscular activity and forcing your body to burn calories. To gain the weight-loss benefits of aerobics, you will typically need to perform a moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as swimming or brisk walking for at least two and a half hours per week. Alternatively, you can perform a high-intensity aerobic activity such as jogging or running for a weekly total of an hour and 15 minutes. To gain the weight-loss benefits of strength-training exercises such as weightlifting or resistance band training, you will typically need to work out at least twice a week.

Stretching Benefits

Potential benefits of a regular stretching program include an improved range of motion in your joints, improved flexibility, relief of stress-related muscle tension and increases in your blood circulation that can improve your rate of healing if you injure a muscle. Since almost all aerobic and strength-training exercises involve flexion and contraction of your muscles, performance of a stretching routine before and after these exercises can help your body prepare for activity and might lower your risks for exercise-related injuries.

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