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New Blog Post: January Fitness Challenge: Day 1-3 Check in

The first few days of the fitness challenge are underway, and I feel like I may be falling behind. Well, really, I’ve just been busy. And sick.

Day 1 I was super motivated to get my butt moving so I ran to the gym and pumped out a 1 hour ride on the stationary bike. I kept up a steady heart rate of over 170 for about 30 min after which I slacked off immensely and my heart rate hung out in the 150-160 bpm range.

Yesterday, Day 2 Yesterday I had an hour between shifts where I planned to work out, but I left my running shoes at home. Instead of training I jammed home to grab a healthy lunch and dinner (because I neglected to pack enough earlier) and ran to my second shift, and eventually Oxygen North Vancouver to sub Brenda’s classes (which were the highlight of my day for sure!).

Today I sweat so hard at bootcamp. I seriously think I outdid myself on that workout, it was super fun and felt great to complete. I’m subbing Shenise’s Fast and Furious class today, and I’ll call that my workout since it is in addition to my regular classes. I will likely be dying shortly after. Then in the afternoon if I feel up to it, I’d like go to Kushala Yoga. Chris runs a Power Hour class (so hard!) which I love and it will likely be the last week I’ll have to make it there before my new schedule begins.

Check in later! Have a great weekend!

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