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Mothers Day


Since it’s almost Mothers Day I wanted to give a shout out to an organization that I volunteer for and greatly admire, Shanti Uganda.


Shanti Uganda was founded in Vancouver by a yoga teacher and doula, it’s an organization that supports the well being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Their vision is to unite traditional birthing practices with modern day best practices, and to empower women.


In addition to a birthing house they also have a women’s income generating group that employs 21 HIV positive mothers and grandmothers. In this group the women receive training and learn the business skills they need in order to succeed. They produce hand made items such as yoga mat bags, jewelry and satchels, and in addition to a fair wage they receive:


  • Monthly workshops on savings and financial training, literacy skills, business skills
    • A bicycle to travel to work and back
    • Health supplements and access to all services at the Shanti Uganda Birth House
    • Ongoing goal setting support
    • A Garden club for all members of Shanti Uganda’s Women’s Income Generating Group, increasing their access to land and food security
    • Onsite Community Garden providing fresh vegetables to all antenatal, labouring and postnatal clients
    • Monthly Community Garden workshops for clients and community members covering nutrition, organic gardening techniques, sustainable agriculture and food preparation


I really suggest you take a look at their site, and check out some of the featured items in honour of Mothers Day.  Because although hanging baskets are great something a bit more out of the box is always appreciated! Plus if you or your mother is a yogi or thought about beginning a regular practice they have lots of cool accessories.





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