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O2 Oxygen  Teacher Training also has Yoga teaching opportunities with all of the locations, auditions will be held right after graduation!

There are many different reasons why someone considers teaching yoga for a living.  For most of us we first start thinking of teaching because of our love for the art of yoga.  It’s a gift to be able to do what you love for a living.  However, you might be surprised at some of the other wonderful benefits I’ve discovered to the job of teaching yoga.

  1. I get to see my students grow. Teaching and guiding someone in their practice is a beautiful thing.  Seeing a student less stressed and anxious, more connected and content in his or her life… there is no better gift.   Not to mention, it’s fun to see your student finally nail that headstand and the smile that spreads across his or her face!


  1. I learn from you, our students. I am constantly learning about life and about myself from my students.  Watching you confront your fears, trust your practice and open your heart inspires me.  I am a very different person then when I first started teaching, a better person, and that is all thanks to my students.  My students motivate me to keep trying, to keep learning.  When I feel unmotivated and uninspired I just remember that I owe it to my students to be the best me possible.  Those mornings when I really don’t want to meditate (hey, I’m a human too!), I just remember my wonderful, beautiful students.  Their smiling and trusting faces get me to my meditation cushion every time… well, almost (hey, I’m human!).


  1. I meeting new friends. The community, or Sagha, is an integral part of the yoga practice.  I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people, students and fellow teachers alike.  Sharing stories with other like-minded people at the studio is one of my favourite joys.  I learn much and laugh often.


  1. When I’m having a rough day, I always feel better after work. Yoga teachers are human and we have bad days too.  We have errands, worries, and bills to pay.  There are days when I am tired, when I don’t feel like teaching.  However, just a few minutes into the class everything starts to change.  The energy in the room and the breath of the students all start to have their effect.  I start to ‘plug-in,’ as I call it.  Ten minutes into the class and I am in the moment, totally connected and content.  Next thing I know, the class has flown by and I am yoga drunk… happy as a bird.  I think yoga teachers are a rare case; we get to go to work to feel better when having a bad day.


  1. I get to go to work to breath. Simple as that.  At work, I breathe.  I connect with myself and my community.  What job could be better than that?!


What to know more about the monetary benefits of teaching and what you can expect to get paid?  Check-out last weeks blog about the Yoga Industry.

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