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Take those quiet times and enjoy them!!
Do you think too much?
Chances are the answer is yes!
It’s true that what we’re trying to do when we go to yoga is to manage that busy head, control the massive amount of thinking and find some peace and calm. … And I’m willing to bet that you know someone who has that very same problem who doesn’t go to yoga
While you’re in class trying to find space in your head, they’re so busy trying to fill every moment of their time with activities …
… like meeting people after work, going to gym, going to the movies, out to dinner or going shopping, watching TV and so on and so forth … that they can’t bear or don’t know what to do with quiet time.
When they do get quiet time, it’s likely they’ll feel bored, dissatisfied or have a nagging feeling that something’s missing. So, they try to fill up their schedule and the cycle continues!
Well there probably IS something missing and it’s probably more about learning the capacity to just BE with themselves.

Jen Hamilton

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