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Tips for a healthy Easter


Around this time most of us are thinking about getting back into shape for the summer but holidays are usually a bust when it comes to your diet,  here  are some small things you can do to keep on track.


Before dinner put out a tray of veggies with your other appetizers, people tend to take in less calories overall if they eat 1-2 servings of vegetables before there main meal.


If your cooking try to avoid using tons of butter in the sides, replace with low sodium broths or greek yogurt.


Eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. Don’t try to save all your calories for dinner or else you’re more likely to binge, make sure your first 2 meals include lots of fiber, and protein, you’ll be more satiated and in control when its time for the big dinner.


Now that you’ve taken the effort to make your veggies healthier, make sure they are the main focus on your plate!


Take the focus off of candy… hard I know especially with kids. Instead of going nuts on the chocolate I buy my kids just one small high quality chocolate bunny and fill the rest of their baskets with pj’s, books and some small toys.


If its not torrentially raining I make my kids do a scavenger hunt outside for their eggs, it takes longer then just hiding them, usually it’s a good ½ hour of running around so they at least get a chance to burn through some of the sugar!


On Monday throw out whatever junk you’ve got left hanging around from the weekend, I will eat whatever’s in my house, so if your like me the chocolate needs to be 100% gone or else I will consume!!



Happy Easter



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