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The 3 Most Effective Ways to Meet New People 

1.        Join a group or club.    This is a great way to meet people who you already know have similar interests.  My favorite thing right now is Meetup.  You can visit to check it out.  There are thousands of groups associated with myriads of specific interests.  I can’t imagine someone not finding a group that would interest them.  Membership to groups is free and the thing I love about these groups is that they are centered around getting together on a regular basis for a variety of activities associated with the purpose and interests of the group.

2.       Volunteer.    Of course I am going to find a way to encourage volunteering in every blog I ever write, but for this one it fits in perfectly!  I’ve met so many amazing people doing volunteer work over the years.  In fact, some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, I met this way.  I’ve noticed that there is something quite unique about people who are willing to give of themselves, and I find it very encouraging and inspiring to be among them. These people also tend to be outgoing, happy, and down to earth.  It makes it rather easy to connect.  Of course you will also reap the benefits of feeling good about your own contribution to your selected cause(s).

3.       Go out alone.  This is probably the scariest one, but oh how fun!  There was a time I never imagined I’d be able to take myself out to dinner or lunch, or dancing!  But now that I’ve done it countless times, I’m hooked.  Who you want to meet is key in determining where to go and when.  If you’re just looking for general connections, male or female, going out to lunch or dinner and sitting at the bar is very effective.  I never have done this without meeting someone.  You’ll be surprised how many people will be sitting there alone.  When people are alone they are much less intimidating and therefore more approachable.   If you’re afraid to do this, the next time you are meeting a friend for dinner show up 30-60 min early and have a drink alone at the bar to get warmed up.  Bring a journal and a pen or a book as a distraction in case you start to feel uncomfortable.  I promise you’ll enjoy it.  You can also do this at lunch time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  If you are looking to meet a romantic interest this idea is good, but also going out to a classy bar in the earlier hours of the evening works well.  If you’re a woman, use caution.  Don’t get in a car with someone you’ve just met and never go home with them.  Definitely don’t take them back to your place or disclose your address.  Stay out in public. On a few occasions I’ve even danced the night away at dance clubs that I’m familiar and comfortable with.  I have met a handsome stranger or two this way, and responsibly created an opportunity for a second meeting.   Again, a woman not surrounded by her girlfriends is much less intimidating and more likely to be approached by a man.  The opposite applies as well.  Worst case scenario when going out alone, you meet no one, and instead spend the night enjoying your own company in a whole new way!  I often go out alone just to enjoy the experience, hoping not to meet anyone at all.

Additionally, I would encourage you to accept invitations to socialize by people you already know, like neighbors and work colleagues.  Attend fundraisers, festivals, neighborhood BBQs, and other social events offered in your community.  You just never know who’ll be there and dying to meet you!

Meeting new people is a challenge for a lot of adults, but it can be done!  Use any or all of my suggestions and I believe you’ll be off to a great start in building new relationships.

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