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Yoga is already an amazing way to bring our bodies into a relaxed and calm state, which is the only way for us to actually move into a parasympathetic state (your rest response in the nervous system), required for detoxification, repair of cells and digestion. Hot yoga takes this one step further by enhancing the detoxification process and making is easier for us to move into that state of rest and relaxation within the body. Our modern day lifestyles are hectic and stressful to say the least, and often when coupled with high intensity exercise can leave us with our sympathetic nervous system activated all the time. Burn out occurs, the body begins to struggle coping with the demands being placed on it, and the body starts to accumulate more and more toxins. This is where hot yoga provides the body with a chance to slow down and detoxify, as it inhibits the sympathetic nervous system and restores balance in the body.

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