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As soon as the weather gets nice everyone starts to get excited for the summer, and then nervous because that also means its bathing suit season. Earlier this week I posted a recipe for a detox drink that will help you shed some of the water weight, but if you’re really motivated to lose that winter weight here is the diet I do when I need to lose 5lbs quickly.


Be warned it’s not easy, but nothing worth anything is.


Cut out


Red Meat

Glutton (anything with wheat) Rice, quinoa are ok!

Anything processed

Sugar, other then what’s in the protein shake




Limit your carbs to 1/2 cup of non-glutton grains (rice or quinoa) or palm sized amount of starchy veggies and the fruit in your shake.




Lots of non-starch veggies the more the better, cooked or raw doesn’t matter

Fish, chicken, tofu, beans, nuts


Breakfast– (Or as a replacement for any meal)


Protein Shake


Handful of frozen berries

½ banana

1 scoop of protein powder (not whey) there are so many other proteins rather then whey now a days, hemp, rice, pea, or blends.

1 cup non dairy milk (almond, soy, coconut)




Big salad, with unlimited veggies and greens,

Add one serving of protein (chicken, tofu, fish, beans)

Add one serving of fats (1/2 avocado, 2tbsp nuts)

2 tbsp. non-creamy dressing,




Unlimited veggies

Palm size of your carb so your rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes

Palm size of protein (chicken, fish, tofu)



For me that’s a glass of red wine at night, but its up to you, choose a 100-200 calorie snack that follows the rules above.




I believe proper digestion is a huge part of maintaining your health and weight, always give yourself at least 12 hours of fasting at night, so stop consuming at 8pm have breakfast at 8am.


It’s been proven over and over again that glutton and dairy are hard for humans to digest and cause inflammation. If you live an overall healthy lifestyle, the body can heal itself when you do occasionally consume these foods in moderation but when your on a cleanse or trying to lose weight do yourself a favour and just cut them out.


Drink the detox water (recipe in the last post) to help flush out your system.


Exercise most days!


The diet described is roughly 1200/1300 calories, if you exercise increase your serving sizes or add an extra 200 calorie snack.


That’s all!


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