The yoga industry is at an all time high. Studios popping up left right and centre, and everyone and their dog is practising. In my opinion this is more than a fad. I think people are beginning to take their health and wellbeing more seriously. The benefits you gain from yoga can be hard to find in any other form of physical activity. Yoga is not only being used as from of fitness but also to rehabilitate the body, cross train and even to improve ones mental state. Yoga is being incorporated into the school programs, recovery centers and even the prison systems. There is also a wide variety in yoga styles and techniques. While one style might suit one person it may not suit another. This is another benefit in yoga, there is something for everyone. Within this flourishing industry what is it about Oxygen Yoga & Fitness that sets apart from other yoga studios? To this I would have to say its class types.

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness has taken a traditional practices and added modern flavor to it.  The use of far infrared is also an added twist and infused benefit. Here is are Oxygen’s top 5 classes.

Fast Furious Fusion: is fitness style classes, were yoga is infused with fitness. These classes begin and end in Savasana like a traditional yoga class. The Fusion class uses equipment such as light hand weights, Pilates ball, and Pilates block. Yoga poses are used with this equipment to increase the intensity of the workout. The use of low weights and high reps is used to tone and define muscle groups. Fitness plyometrics and aerobic exercises are also added to increase the heart rate. All this together you get a total body workout. This is a fast paced, high energy class, set off with upbeat music and motivating instructions.

Power Core: is similar to the Fast Furious Fusion class, the only difference is that class is targeting the core. A variety of dynamic core exercises is put together to strengthen abdominals. This class is good for those who not only want a six pack but also for those who want to relieve back pain, improve balance and stamina.

Freedom Flow: uses yoga asanas (poses) flowing in a choreographed sequence from one pose to another. This is a more traditional style of yoga. The poses tone, strengthen and stretch all muscle groups. The use of pranayama quiets the mind for a deep and focused practice. There huge benefits to be gained from this class. You will learn coordination, improves energy and metabolism, and detoxifies the body.

Yang Yin: A powerful combination of Yang and Yin energy. The first half of this is class is Yang postures, holding pose pulling out the masculine energy. This is challenging the mind just as much as the body. This is then followed up with half the class in Yin postures. Pulling out the feminine energy in the sense of soft, relaxing stretches. You will be sure to leave this class feel more balanced.

Deep Stretch and Relaxation: This is a good class for anyone who is beginning their yoga journey. It is also beneficial for anyone who is needing to counter any strenuous physical activity or working in a high stress environment. This class focuses on stretching out the body. We tend to hold a lot of stress in the body so when taking the time to breathe and stretch we release that energy, calm the mind and realign posture.

These and over 20 more classes can be found at our 60 locations. You will never get bored and never plateau with your workouts at Oxygen. These one of kind classes and far infrared heated studios will leave you feeling revived and invigorated. You will accomplish more than you think you can in your classes with safe guidance and motivation from our instructors. You will love the result on your mind, body and spirit!