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Yoga can be enjoyed at various frequencies and those frequencies are determined by personal interest, your schedule and your drive. But what happens when you decide to go full time?

The major difference between owning a studio and being a student is the accountability of maintaining the wellbeing of your yoga community. As a student, your focus is on personal development and expansion of your skill set while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. When owning a studio, the focus shifts to developing and maintaining your local yoga community. Essentially, as a student you are joining the already existent community and as the owner you are developing and maintaining one. Being the owner, you must begin to think in a broader manner taking the quality, scheduling and the difficulty of the classes into consideration to meet the expectations of your customers. Also, as an owner, you must make time to ensure those hard working individuals that take the time out of their busy schedules to support your business feel welcomed, appreciated and taken care of. The studio becomes your 2nd home. In my personal experience, I actually went from being a member to YTT student to franchise owner. I took an extra step that was really meant for personal development and fulfilment. Little did I know that there was an amazing adventure waiting for me right around the corner.



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