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Member to Owner?  If it’s your passion, you can do it.

Have you ever wondered if you had what it takes to become an Oxygen Franchise Owner?  Do you love spending every free moment in class, and look forward to your next one with anticipation?  Do you sometimes find yourself hanging out at the studio before or after your workout, just to suck in some of that amazing energy?  If so, you’ve got what it takes.  When I became a member of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness all I knew was that I loved the atmosphere….. the pure sense of peace I felt when walked into the studio before my workout and the exhilarated feeling of really knowing I was growing in strength and stamina after every class.  I loved the way the workout made me feel and the results I got after I started really paying attention.  The transition from member to owner has been an amazing and eventful journey and now I am thrilled to spend the next part of my life doing something I enjoy that is both rewarding for myself and others.

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