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TIPS FOR NEW YOGA INSTRUCTORS @ O2 Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training School

So you just finished your teacher training, you’re fresh out of school and ready to teach?  Starting off as a new instructor can be daunting and a bit scary. I know because I’ve seen many new instructors face this challenge time and time again.  First off, take comfort in knowing that every teacher feels the same insecurity and doubt that you are feeling now.  It is completely normal. Now, also know that you can do it and here are some tips to help!

1.  Be secure and confident in what you know. Every yoga school has their own unique emphasis and I’m sure you learned a lot.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and claim what you know.  There are different opinions and view points about many things so don’t make someone else wrong, respect their view point, but also be confident when teaching in order to offer your advice and help to your students. I’ve seen new instructors afraid to adjust a student’s alignment because they think the student might know more than them! Trust what you know.

2.  Be honest and humble in what you do not know. The subject of yoga is vast and there is still so much that you do not know, that is okay.  No teacher knows everything about yoga. We all have our expertise and we continue to study and grow our knowledge.  You will do the same. You don’t have to know everything.  Be honest with your students (and with yourself) about the limits of your current knowledge. Please don’t start diagnosing your students and trying to solve all of their medical problems!

3.  Reach out to your students, your fellow teachers, your boss… everyone!  Yoga is about connection and this is a people business.  Staying in contact with the people you know in the industry will not only feed your heart and personal practice, it will also help you to get more work and more students.  Learn your students names, remember their injuries and practice the art of yoga, connection, with them.

4.  Practice, practice, practice. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect.  Teach whenever and wherever you can.  More experience will just help you to grow and flourish as a teacher.  Not to mention, you’ll meet more people and be able to practice that art of yoga, connecting, with more people.

5.  Most importantly, BREATHE.  When you are subbing a class at a new studio, when a student asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, when you forget where you are in your sequence… just breathe.  Calm and focus the breath and the mind.  Know that it will be okay and you’ll be wonderful.

Now go inspire and teach some amazing yoga!

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