A successful workout, is one that you enjoy. It would be hard to stick to a routine that you hated and didn’t feel good or interested in doing. Everyone of course has a different definition of what a fun workout is for them. However, feeling motivated by good energy in a fun workout is the general key to everyone’s workout regime no matter what type is preferred. Getting the physical results accompanied by the enhanced confidence and mood is the reason we keep a good level of commitment.

As talked about in a previous blog coming into a class at Oxygen has many benefits. For one, you can establish relationships with staff and other members. Community in our studio can make some classes feel like a 1hour workout party. The regular clients come in and are looking forward to the class. The teachers look forward to seeing the regular clients as well as having new members coming in and getting hooked on the action. As an instructor we are inspired by the energy and excitement by the continual return of clients. We want to find new, fun and challenging ways to keep our clients engaged. The clients feel as though they get can really push themselves because they are not feeling insecure. It is what keeps them coming back for more.

Oxygen Fusion classes are my personal favorite. I love coming into a studio and being instructed on what to do. I love the types of exercises taught and the heat. I enjoy making friends with other clients, everyone who comes in is friendly and excited to get a killer workout. The best part for me is the music. I love loud upbeat music, I can sing the lyrics and it takes my mind of how much my legs are burning from so many lunges. Unlike the gym where I have to be creative and share equipment or miss exercises because I don’t want to work out next to certain people. I don’t like wearing headphones during work out and gyms are always cold. But, that’s just me.

Obviously everyone works out to get in shape and/or to stay sane, so having a workout routine that is fun on top of it, is all the reason to become totally hooked. The class room setting and being instructed by someone forces you to not think about life, it forces you to just focus on what your doing. With music going and fun interactions with other clients it is as enjoyable as meeting with girlfriends on a Friday night for a quick drink, except it’s 9:30 am on a Tuesday and your burning calories rather than gaining, so maybe its better then drinks on a Friday… Regardless, when you’re in the studio your having fun. This is also a fun way to blow off steam. If I am frustrated or upset about something, I can take it out in my workout. Even a flow class is enjoyable because it allows you to calm down.

Feeling comfortable in the environment is probably the most important part. No one wants to go workout in a place the feel judged or watched. This is another reason why I personally don’t like the gym. In the studio everyone is focused on themselves, no one has time to look around and watch each other. The instructor is there to make sure you are safely executing the exercises and to push you. If you come on a regular basis they can see your improvement’s, understand any limitations giving you the opportunity to maximize your workout. That sense of security removes judgemental thoughts from your own head, so you are relaxed mentally and can have better focus on the exercises. When focused on your body, the physical results come quicker. And the cycle continues. When achieving the result’s you want and having fun along the way, nothing could stop you for coming back for more.