Dear Members,

At Oxygen we have over 70 locations in neighbourhoods across Canada. We are a strong, diverse team that reflects the communities we work in. Right now, we are grieving along side our colleagues, customers and communities. Collectively, we are angry and taking action as a result of the anti-Black racism that lives in our own communities here in Canada. Black Lives Matter.

I cannot begin to truly understand the experience of being subjected to lifelong systemic racism. But I can speak for myself and Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Inc. to say we unequivocally condemn anti-Black racism, violence and discrimination of any kind. We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues and communities across Canada as we mobilize towards much needed change.

We are all human. The only difference should be our own unique selves and the qualities we share and learn from each other. We all came here by birth and we all leave by death. Love is not a color. Character is not a shade of skin. Racism and hate have no place here.

Martin Luther King Jr. so poignantly said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal. Speak up, stand up, and stop racism.” Here at Oxygen, we have developed some key initiatives to contribute to the transformation of our culture. “Change Starts from Within” is an initiative that will facilitate Black voices to be heard and their experiences shared over our Oxygen Everywhere platform. We will be hosting a series of live conversations with prominent members of the Black community here in Canada. Our goal is to ignite change. To listen and be educated. To be better and do better. We ask that you join us.

Oxygen has always provided an outlet for change and growth and not just physical change. The power of Yoga in our fitness program has provided an outlet for our members to grow mentally and spiritually. Change Starts from Within provides us with the opportunity to focus on change for a greater good.

At Oxygen, we outwardly voice our mantra, “I Love My Life”, and it’s long past due that all members from the Black community be able to authentically outwardly voice it as well. Let’s speak up and take action by demonstrating that everyone, regardless of the colour of their skin, should feel safe, have the ability to speak openly, honestly, without judgement or criticism and truly love their life.


Jennifer Hamilton
CEO Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Inc.