With the diversity of class options offered in our studios, you’re bound to find the perfect workout for every occasion.

We humans might be creatures of habit, but when it comes to working out, novelty can be important. It improves the impact of our workouts, keeps you on your toes, and gives you a fresh challenge. There’s many benefits, like a decreased risk of injury, when we add more variety to our workout routines. Whether you’re still looking for the class that will become the staple of your schedule, or you’re simply looking to expand your palette, trying a new class could be just what you need. 

In addition, everyone has different priorities in their workouts, and you might find that your perfect class is not the same one which helps your friends thrive, or that your own needs change over time. That’s why we make it a priority to provide a multitude of class options in our studios. With the myriad of class options that find their home at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness, there’s a class for every person. So why not try switching up your workout this week. No matter what the occasion, there’s a class for you here. Next time you’re looking for something new, take a look at these classes:

For when you’re starting out your day..

Morning yoga isn’t only for early risers. No matter how much of a struggle it was to get out of bed in the morning, joining us for Hot Yoga Rise & Shine can help you reset and start your day off centered and invigorated. Starting your day with a class designed to help you set an intention is a great way to ensure you’re spending your time working towards your goals and embodying your principles. Enjoy a mix from balancing poses to deep stresses, and be better prepared to seize the day after rolling up your mat.

For when you need a refresh..

Pick a class that is a perfect mix of flowing movement and focus on poses, like the Hot Yoga Freedom Flow. The freedom flow functions as a gradual buildup into movement that will ease you into its Vinyasa style flow, giving you plenty of space for breathing practice. No matter how you were feeling walking into class, you’ll be glad you got your body moving by the time you leave. 

For when you want to push yourself to be your best..

If you’re up for a new challenge, dive in the deep end with the most intense class we offer. In our Hot Fast & Furious Fusion, a high-intensity blend of exercises will push you to the next level, and help you take your toning, strength, and cardio all to the next level. Expect to leave sweaty and sore, but invigorated from the hard work you’ve put in. 

For when you want to dance..

If you’re feeling more like singing along to your favorite songs than focusing on your inner calm, Bar Fusion might be the right class for you. For something a little more upbeat to get your body moving, this barre inspired class combines strength training and cardio to improve your flexibility, balance, and range of motion. There’s no dance experience necessary to gain the benefits of this workout, and you might even leave the class having learned a few new steps. 

For when you want to bring new friends to class with you..

It can be intimidating to jump right into a workout class when your friend is a regular. If you want to bring some new friends along to the studio, why not try something new along with them? Come to 02 Box Fusion learn the basics of boxing while keeping up your cardio and conditioning in the same motivating and mindful environment you find when you step into yoga class. And while it’s always fun to bring a friend along, there’s no partner needed , so feel free to come anytime you feel like trying your hand at taking some punches. 

For when you’re focused and setting goals..

Go above and beyond in your fitness goals by stepping into the studio ready to target specific muscles and moves. When you take one of our Tone & Sculpt classes, you’ll target both the muscles you’ve been meaning to work on and the ones you didn’t even know existed. You’ll use weighted toning bars to condition your arms, core, and legs,  and will strengthen yourself in a way that will fuel your success in every future workout. 

For when you’re buried in stress..

Focus on the mental benefits yoga can bring you in a Hot Yoga Deep Stretch & Relaxation class. Yoga is not only a workout, but also a practice – a place where you can focus on your inner self and your wellbeing. This class will teach you, or give you the opportunity to reinforce, the basics of your yoga practice, while also making space to focus on your wellbeing. This class is often taught in candlelight, and overall focuses on creating an environment which helps you deal with chronic stress. So when life is getting a little hectic, it might be just the thing you need. 

And, if none of these classes are quite what you are looking for, there’s plenty more options to be explored. Explore all the options, then check the schedule at your local studio. We can’t wait to see you in class.