A lot has been happening at Oxygen Yoga Chilliwack

The 21 Day Challenge has been a blast!  The top three contenders at the Chilliwack studio will be put into a draw with all of the other Oxygen studios in the country to win a six month unlimited membership and a swag bag.  Our local Chilliwack winner will win a travel yoga mat by Yoga Design Lab, which have gorgeous hot yoga mat designs.

We’ve also been accepting food donations for the local Chilliwack food bank. This is the second time we have done so, and we are expecting the same amount of success this year that we did last year. Our Oxygen Chilliwack community has always been so generous and caring!

The biggest news by far, however, is that we have had a change of ownership. Jason and Callie opened the studio three years ago. Since then there have been so many changes in their lives. They have added to their family, and also opened up a yoga retreat centre in Costa Rica, Tierra de Suenos. Callie moved down to Costa Rica with their two children, both under the age of five, and started working on their retreat centre, learning Spanish as she went. Up in Chilliwack, Jason was on his own to prepare the studio to run solo.

Jason had a great team of people in Chilliwack. The front desk team and instructors worked together to make sure that the community kept moving forward, providing fantastic hot yoga and fitness classes for all levels. All of the members were very supportive of this transition, as well, some of them even going down to Costa Rica to visit them! It eventually became apparent, however, that Jason and Callie’s home was now in Costa Rica, and that the studio needed someone present in the community to keep it growing!

Shawna was first introduced to Oxygen through the Langley studio, and fell in love with it the moment she walked through the doors. She is a nurse, a mother, and a fellow yoga enthusiast, and wanted to be part of this amazing thing we call Oxygen Yoga & Fitness! When she heard that the Chilliwack studio was seeking a new owner, she knew what she had to do. A few short months later, her dream is now a reality!

The studio will be closed from December 24 – January 1, reopening January 2 with some great improvements and updates! We will be hosting a Karma Week with FREE classes for everyone from January 7 – 14. You can register for these free classes online right now! Come try some hot fitness, yoga, or relaxation classes with us in the new year, and see why so many are saying, “I Love My Life!”