Leverage is one of the best words in an entrepreneurs vocabulary. Anytime that you have a business model where you can leverage time and money, or better yet other peoples time and money, then that is a great business model.

Franchising is all about leverage.

When you purchase into a franchise model, you are taking your time and money and putting it into your franchise while others are doing the same. That time and money together will compound and help to create a brand larger and faster than you could ever do on your own.

Now times that by 20 franchise locations all spending time and money on the same brand.  50 locations, 100, 200! The growth becomes exponential!

That is leverage.

It can be very powerful and very lucrative. The only key is that the team of people who are building the brand, the franchise owners, all have to be running in the same direction. Otherwise momentum and leverage can be lessened and opportunities can be lost.