What an unusual year this has been. 


Even frightening at times.

We could conclude it to be the worst year ever. But was it really? 

These are some of the things we did in 2020, that we likely wouldn’t have done in a “normal” year. 

We discovered a whole new way to connect & do fitness, with the launch of our Oxygen Everywhere facebook group. 26 thousand of you joined us and worked out from home.  It gave us reason to come to work everyday, to do fitness for the sheer joy of it. It gave us a sense of community we didn’t even realize we had.  We came together for our health, while staying home to keep our families safe. 

And then we looked at ourselves and what we could change. The Black Lives Matter movement pushed us to have serious conversations about what social issues mean to all of us at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, and what we could do to make a difference.  We engaged deeply with our internal and external teams, talking about stuff we’ve never talked about.  We grew, we changed. 

And, we faced adversity and remained resilient. 2020 has been a challenge to the fitness industry. We rolled with punches, celebrated small wins. We opened. We closed. We opened again. And we never gave up. Whatever was thrown at us, we hit it head on.

We reached deep down inside to discover what truly matters. 

Staying Healthy.

Staying positive.

Caring about others. 

In 2021, we will continue to do exactly what we have done, focusing on what matters, accepting the challenges and continuing to grow into better, stronger human beings. 

We encourage each of you to reflect on what this year has taught you, how it has changed you for the better and what matters most to you. Then, exhale 2020  and inhale the New Year.