FREE Yoga For Hockey Intro Session Sunday September 2nd 4:00-4:45pm at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Walnut Grove

Ryan Carignan Hockey Development off ice packages currently focus on Yoga for Hockey. Research continues to show the importance of incorporating stretching into an athletes daily routine. In doing so, their risk of injury drops dramatically, while their mobility, flexibility and strength all see a major improvements. Another reason yoga is receiving a lot of recognition in the sports world is because of the positive effect it has on an athletes mental game. By learning breathing techniques, visualization, and focus, players are able to better handle the pressure of the game and quickly bring themselves into “the zone” with intention.

Our yoga classes run in 5 week sessions or can be used as a great team building opportunity to learn a few key stretches to incorporate into your team’s daily routine.

Have questions about our Off-Ice training programs? Feel free to contact us for more info!