The chakra system is more relevant than most would think but what are they exactly? They are not just colors of the rainbow lined up the body. The represent the bodies energy fields. It is a scientific fact that everything is energy. Everything carries a vibration and your body is full of energy channels. The Sanskrit word of chakra means wheel or disk. This is wheel of energy throughout the body. There are 7 chakras that line up with the spine. Each chakra is responsible for a different energy.

Root chakra (first)

Responsible for: Stability and security.

Location: Base of the spine

Color: Red


Sacral chakra (second)

Responsible for: Creativity

Location: Below the navel

Color: Orange


Solar Plexus chakra (third)

Responsible for: Self-discipline, power and judgment.

Location: Stomach area

Color: Yellow


Heart chakra (fourth)

Responsible for: Love and connection

Location: Middle of the chest

Color: Green


Throat chakra (fifth)

Responsible for: Verbal communication and expression

Location: Throat

Color: Blue


Third Eye chakra (sixth)

Responsible for: Intuition

Location: Forehead, between the eyes

Color: Indigo


Crown chakra (seventh)

Responsible for: Spiritual connection and enlightenment

Location: Crown of head

Color: Violet


The chakras lined up with energy sending signals to massive nerve centers in the body. The chakras are in the areas where there is a high number of nerves and major organs. Our psychological, emotional, states of being correspond to these areas. The chakras are cycles of energy that are always moving, keeping the seven chakras open and moving is essential. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow and can result in a number of changes in behavior or personality treats. Each wheel of energy works in sync with the other. If one wheel is stuck, the others will not work properly.

As we know, the spine and brain are power house of the body, sending messages to every part of your body. Our thoughts create emotions and those feelings carry a vibrational energy response. Physical ailments can be a result of emotional conflict when the brain send a signal to the body that something is wrong or when something is right.

Here is a Simple online test you can take to see if your chakras are balanced or not and tons of information available to dig deeper into the philosophical foundations of the chakras. However, self-awareness is key in understand the full concept and how it symbolizes in your life.