Herbs and spices have always been earths natural medicine. While herbs and spices do add flavor to our foods, they contact healing properties as well. Because they carry a high content of nutrients and antioxidants. They help can help prevent heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Inflammation is common ailment that can be knocked out by the use of herbs and spice, such as cinnamon. Each herb and spice contain its own unique benefits and when combined with others can have significant improvements in health.

One way to get the benefits from these natural healers is in tea. When you consume tea it is easier for your body to absorb the nutrients, thus replenishing and speeding up the healing process. This goes for your mental clarify as well. Drinking and eating herbs and spices can have calming affects as well. Using medications when prescribed by a physician is of course important, but know there are other alternative for less sever cases is comforting.

Anyone who deals with anxiety knows that it can come out of no where and that the effects of medication might not be the best choice for them. Choosing things like herbal teas can reduce dependency on medications or the sometimes harsh side effects. Using natural sources like this along with other relaxation methods such as Epsom Salt baths, essential oils, meditation and/or breathing exercises make for a good way to end a busy day.

A few teas you should look for:

Peppermint tea– A natural muscle relaxant. When you are stressed muscle will tense up so drinking Peppermint tea will relax you from the inside out.

Chamomile tea – Reduces stress and aid those struggling with insomnia. It is also a natural muscle relaxant and shuts down irritability.

Lemon balm tea – Is a relative of the mint family. This herb does aid in relaxation however, it also improves mood by reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

Passion Flower tea – Reduces anxiety due to high concentration of flavone chrysin, which induces a strong calming effect.

Know the source of which your product is coming from. The less processed the better. When herbs, spices and other produce sits for to long the nutrients become less potent. You will need to consume more to reach the benefits of the source. There are plenty of products that have fillers and chemicals added to them, so you may need to do some research on where to buy the freshest products. Growing it and drying it yourself is even better.

Always make sure you do your research before trying anything new. Read and follow the labels especially if you are pregnant or nursing.