How to Relieve Gas with Yoga Poses

| By Clarissa Adkins

How to Relieve Gas with Yoga Poses
Yoga poses have various therapeutic effects. Photo Credit yoga pose image by chinatiger from

Many yoga poses can help relieve gas and gas pain. When practicing yoga poses, make sure you wear comfortable clothing and take off your shoes and socks. Try to keep your facial muscles soft and your shoulders neutral while holding the yoga poses. You can learn simple poses at home, but as you seek more yogic knowledge, try local classes taught by well-referenced or Yoga Alliance-certified instructors.

Cow & Cat

Step 1

Get onto your hands and knees. Your body should look like a table. Your wrists should be aligned under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.

Step 2

How to Relieve Gas with Yoga Poses
There are different variations of Cow Pose (Bitilasana).Photo Credit yoga image by Jiang Bin Ping

Press the belly toward the floor. Lift the chin and tailbone slightly toward the ceiling. If the knees do not object, press into the balls of the feet so that the bottoms of your feet face the back wall. Your back should look saggy, like a cow’s.