In Partnership with Mondetta Charity Foundation, Oxygen is supporting the I AM LOVE project with charity Yoga Classes at studios across the country.
The Mondetta Charity Foundation mission is to continuously encourage self-love; a practice which allows us to enjoy a positive relationship with ourselves and others. A mindset that is cultivated through the support of the community and backed up with heart. In July, we are elevating our mission to spread love across borders, across cultures as it should be. This month, we will showcase the IMPACT when community comes together. Proceeds will support children in reducing barriers to education.
For more information on Mondetta Charity Foundation, go to
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness O2 IS LOVE classes (across Canada):
When: Sunday July 28, 2019
Time: 2 consecutive AM classes
Cost: $10/per person
No food, refreshment, swag or prizes will be provided. Just an awesome O2 IS LOVE class!!!
Sign Up Online at Your Studio
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