What is core strength and why is it so vitally important?

Actually let’s not think of it as core strength but as your core system, a system of abdominal support for your spine! In your abdominal cavity you have a floating sac – for want of
a better term – of organs that hangs off the inside surface of your back.
Surrounding this bag of goodies are some muscle layers. The organs are protected around the back side by the backitself. While at the front it’s expandable and pliable so that you can do ‘regular’ things like eating, process your food, have babies and deliver them.

In general terms you need your core muscles to:

  •    Walk effectively
  •    Breathe
  •    Perform exercise
  •    Lift
  •    Sit
  •    Lean
  •    Just about everything else!

On the one hand many people let their abdominal muscles go.
They have no abdominal tone, they are prone to back aches and abdominal conditions.
At the other end of that continuum are people who have well toned muscular systems that support the spine in ALL their activities, from walking, yoga, lifting, bending and so on.

Understand, your core is the foundation of your body, it effects all aspects of your life!  How you walk, talk and carry yourself!

If you want to build more abdomial core muscles check our our Power Core classes or our Yoga & Core classes at any of our Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Locations. We also have the benefit of doing all of your core work in our infrared heated studios. This takes Hot Yoga in Vancouver to the next level. You and your core will love you for it!

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