COVID is causing havoc on the beautiful Motherland of yoga.  New cases per day have been  as high as 350,000 with more than 18 million people infected. Experts think that many cases are underreported and thus these numbers are undervalued, they don’t fully reflect the crisis.

According to the World Health Organization India is experiencing a huge spike in cases, in the last week of April the cases jumped 69.28% in one week and, in that one week, an estimated 23,231 people died.

India is running out of beds and oxygen to treat the infected individuals.

As a yoga based business,  this breaks our heart.  The science and art of yoga have helped to heal many of our members. We will forever be in a debt of gratitude to India and all of the wise gurus who have guided the practice of yoga.

The love and deep compassion that we feel when  listening to the wise teachers speak is powerful and life changing.

For this reason, we think it is imperative that we be of service (seva). Seva is a huge part of a dedicated Yoga practice.  Over the generations people from India have been in service to many of us with their wisdom and teachings.  India needs us now.  It is our turn to be of service.

It is true that we are all struggling and that COVID hasn’t been easy on anyone.  Yoga teaches us that we are all one, that we are all connected.  By giving to others, when they are in need we are practicing kindness, compassion and supporting the collective.  If you are stable and have benefited from the beautiful yoga practice then we urge you to support.  No amount is too small.

Let’s stand together to support India during this challenging time as she has given us all so much.

There are a few organizations that we would recommend donating to because of their credibility, if you feel inclined to do so. 

Milaap provides oxygen concentrators to hospitals, clinics, and rural communities. @milaapdotorg

Apne Aap supports marginalized communities and females who have been trafficked with meals and oxygen @apneaap


The Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Team