Break out your neon spandex and leg warmers of the 1980 Aerobic class!

When was the last time you went to an aerobic workout class? Maybe you’re one of their loyal participants, and have been going since the height of their popularity. Or maybe you’ve never actually been to one, and know about them only from seeing photos of your parents in funny workout outfits in decades past. But, with everything from fashion to music from the 80s having regained popularity, it might be time to ask, should the workouts be regaining popularity too? While in recent years they may not have been the most common workout to find in your gym, there might still be an important place for the aerobic exercise class in your  workout routine. 

What is the aerobic workout?

When we talk about aerobic exercise, this can really mean anything that works your cardiovascular system. There’s many ways to get in this sort of exercise, from spin classes to a fast-paced hike. Aerobic exercises can be defined separately from their anaerobic counterparts by their focus on ongoing continuous physical exertion. But, when you picture an 80s aerobic exercise class, something a bit more specific might come to mind. You might think of the Jane Fonda Workout, which Vogue writer Patricia Garcia claims is “Still the Best Exercise Class Out There”.  Or, you might think about specific exercises, like squat curls or knee drives. These 80s workouts had a style and format of their own, not unlike any other trend from that period of time. But, while some of these exercises may have been put to the wayside as new workouts continued to emerge through decades, there’s still some great potential for fitness and fun to be found in these exercises.  

Aerobic Exercise Has a lot of Benefits

Part of your goal when you go to workout is probably to get your body moving, and aerobic exercise is a great way to accomplish this. Aerobic exercise can be a good way to improve your cardiovascular health, which can strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol. Aerobic exercise can help activate your immune system, so you might be better prepared to fight off viruses. It can even help you live longer than you would if you weren’t exercising regularly. 

There’s some specific benefits to the 80s style aerobic exercise class too. For one, these aerobic exercises tend to provide a workout for your entire body, so you don’t have to worry about overworking your arms while forgetting to strengthen your legs, or vice versa.  You’re also getting in a strength workout alongside your cardio session, as the whole body movements can be made up of a combination of both activities. There’s a reason so many people flocked to these workouts originally, and they still hold the same benefits they once did to gym-goers. 

Aerobic Workouts are Fun

Aside from the physical benefits of aerobic exercise routines, you might want to give them a try simply because they can be a good time. Doing any sort of physical activity has the potential to improve your mood. But why not combine this potential with the happiness boost that can come from doing something you enjoy? We’re much more likely to continue an exercise routine if we enjoy the workouts, so having fun while we’re working out can actually be quite important. 80s workouts tend to be fun, high energy activities. You can bring friends, you can expect good music, and you can explore your workout fashions. So why not give aerobic workouts a try, and you might find yourself having fun while getting fit.