Why I love Fast & Furious…. Our Most Challenging Fitness Class!

I am a yogi.  Everyone who knows me understands that yoga is my passion and my joy.  It brings me contentment and allows me to be of service to my students in the community.  However…. There is still a part of me that loves fitness!

Some people in our industry see this as a contradiction, that you can only love one or the other, but not at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. We embrace Yoga, we embrace fitness, we embrace life.  I love my life!

What is yoga?  At its root, it is clearing the mind so that we can be more present to enjoy the beauty that life offers.

Sometimes the best place I can practice yoga is in a fitness class!  If my mind is running wild, thinking about my grocery shopping, the emails that I haven’t answered, and that blog that is only half done (I am always behind on blogs!) then sometimes I really just need to zone out.  The loud, fun music helps me to laugh and release tension, which is yoga.  The burning in my legs and the pulsing of the heart help me to appreciate all of the little miracles that make-up my body, which is yoga.  And when I have to rest I am honouring where I am in my journey without attachment to a certain outcome, which is yoga.  Lastly, when I push through a perceived and self-imposed barrier I am practicing yoga.

Being a yogi is about practicing yoga (connecting and clearing the mind) everywhere, not just on the mat in a yoga class.  We also have to practice yoga when someone cuts in line at the bank, when our spouse doesn’t do the dishes, and…. when your bum is burning in a Fast & Furious class!

Okay, I’m off to sweat and do some squats… I love my life!

Christina Raskin – National Training Director Oxygen Yoga & Fitness