I love Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.  I have learnt so much about how far I can push myself and love to go further each time. I also use the classes to de-stress as well as train. It is a great way to get in shape and feel great. Thanks! ”
~ Livia Mior

“Wow, do I love Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.”  I have been working hard the last couple of years getting backinto shape via cardio and weights last September I started running a couple of times a week. I started yogain January, then February I discovered hot yoga.  I am addicted to this amazing practice.  Even though I haven’t done much weight training this year I find my arms are now more defined and my core is getting much stronger. My whole shape is changing. I love the correction of form done during class, and  my range of motion is increasing weekly. After classes I feel so relaxed and revitalized.”
~ Kelly Fuller

“Since starting Yoga  in mid February I have lost 8 pounds. That is more than a pound a week. Although that is a definite perk to for me, I also find I get a fulfilling sleep at night. I don’t feel like I need to have a nap when I get home from work – Instead I put on my comfy clothes, and I go to Yoga. As a new comer to the yoga world, I find it amazing how calming, helpful and enjoyable all of  the classes are. I’ll admit I was scared at first to try Far Infrared, but now I am addicted!  I started with one class a week, and now I am coming as much as I can- Now up to 5 days a week. I have convinced friends to join me for a class, and they too are hooked. The stresses of school and work just melt away. My boyfriend noticed such a difference in my moods, and body that he now joins me once a week too! I would recommend it everyone who is ready to feel better than ever, and who is willing to accept the small challenge you’ll face in class – your own inner voice. ”
~ Brittaney Herbertson

” I love the yoga classes and find them challenging and rewarding. Knowing that I get to enjoy all the benefits of infrared heat while expanding my yoga practice is great, especially since spas in Vancouver charge $25 to sit in their infrared saunas for 25 minutes (no workout included)!!!”
~ Gina Snyder

“I have had at least five different gym memberships over my adult life. I have always started out going several times a week, and then because discouraged when I saw little to no progress. I have just completed my third round of boot camp and I am seeing major changes, most significantly in the size of my body.  I have dropped two pants sizes. It is motivation enough for me to drive to Maple Ridge three mornings a week even though I live in a different community. The people in the class  are great about cheering you on to reach your goals. I’m hooked.”
~ Candice Morgan

“Since starting bootcamp I have lost 3% body fat! In three months my endurance has improved by leaps and bounds, I have more than doubled the size of free weights used in class and can proudly say I can fit into my skinny jeans! My body is reshaping itself into a leaner, more toned and healthier me. ”
~ Amber Nagai

“Starting at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness  has been the best thing for my health. With an ingured knee, I find that the classes help my leg & knee more than my physio classes used to.
~ Anonymous

“I love the way both my body and mind feels after a great class! Nothing can compare to feeling refreshed, longer, more flexible, stronger and relaxed all at the same time. Thank-you!”
~ Shawna Johnson

“I broke my back last summer and the Hot Yoga is helping me become more flexible. The main side affect of the broken back was not being able to do anything for so long and now I have both flexibility to regain as well as weight to lose. The Hot Yoga is helping with both.”
~ Tammy Carson

“I weighed 135lbs for 5 years and I couldn’t loose any weight. Since joining Oxygen Yoga & Fitness , I’ve lost 10lbs, and I’ve never felt so good in my entire life, and it is all because of Oxygen!  Yoga has changed my life. I know my mom and sister feel the same. They love it here too.”
~ Amanda McGhie

“I started practicing  and I find the classes very motivational and a lot of fun, and I’m really inspired, and am considering doing training to become an teacher as well.”
~ Amanda Aebig

“I was enticed by my friend Liz to come to Oxygen.  She told me that she enhanced her other training routines with yoga and Pilates. I was reluctant at first due to the drive from Coquitlam but I thought, “What the heck it can’t hurt me”. In addition, a few of our friends attend with her so it is a nice way to connect. I started with the unlimited week card and I went twice that week.  Each class I that I have attended, I have learned to push myself a little further.  Each class has pushed me to achieve a greater understanding of my abilities and my inner self. The classes push me each time I attend but are also relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Since I started at the centre, I have lost 10 pounds!
~ Sharon Lusignan

“Throughout my life I have endured many struggles. Some being through family conflict and death, others being internal with depression. I have tried many different medications, workout at the gym daily, tried self help books, you name it! I tried different types of yoga and never seemed to get into it. I heard through co-workers at the hospital how amazing oxygen hot yoga is so I wanted to give it a try. I hate trying things alone so when my bestie was going through a hard time I thought “what better time then now to try oxygen?” We went to one class, signed up for a week pass, fell in love and bought a year membership. I’ve never felt so good both on the inside as well as the outside.”