Drink & Appie Recipe for Your Holiday Party


I think at Christmas we all like to indulge, it’s the time of year when you don’t need to feel guilty about drinking wine or eating sugar cookies every night, because the cookies were a gift (would be rude if you didn’t eat them) and who doesn’t need a good stiff drink after fighting the malls. Plus does it really matter if you put on a couple pounds during the holidays considering you have a good 6 months until summer to work it off? I think not.


So for everyone who has a get together coming up I have provided a few of my favourite go to recipes, since this is a yoga blog I have tried to keep them healthy(ish) but after all it is Christmas.


Christmas Punch


This drink is easy and I think most people have the ingredients during the holidays.  I usually don’t do mixed drinks because I don’t like too much sweetness but this one is actually really refreshing, light and still feel Christmassy.

To be fair I didn’t make this up myself, it’s courtesy of an Emeril Lagasse Christmas special I watched.


¼ cup Vodka

¼ cup Champagne (or sparkly white wine)

½ cup Cranberry juice

Crushed ice & orange zest


This is the ratio for one drink, but I usually do a pitcher. Mix the liquor and juice and pour over the crushed ice, add your zest then stir. Enjoy!



Spinach & Artichoke Dip


I feel there are enough vegetables in this dip to be deemed healthy, plus it has greek yogurt so basically it’s a balanced meal 😉


1 cup plain greek yogurt

1/3 cup cream cheese

1/3 cup mayo

½ cup mozzarella

1/3   cup parmesan cheese

1 can of artichokes

A bunch (or 2) of spinach, go on your own taste

Lots of FRESH cloves of garlic, the more the better.

Sea salt to taste


Heat your oven to 350 F

Chop up the spinach, garlic and artichokes and put aside, if you have one use your food processor its much easier.

In a separate bowl mix the all of the other ingredients except for the mozzarella

then combine everything in an oven safe dish

Put the graded mozzarella on top

Cover the dish and cook for roughly half an hour.


You can serve with veggies, crackers or tortilla chips, delish!



Happy Holidays Everyone!!