Shanti Uganda

How a Local Organization has Changed the Lives of Women in Africa


Since were only a couple days away from Christmas I thought it would be very appropriate to feature an amazing organization, Shanti Uganda that truly gives all year long.


Shanti Uganda is a local Vancouver based charity, they support birthing mothers and women living with AIDS/HIV in Uganda by offering safe care and maternal health services. The society was founded by Natalie Angel-Besseling a Yoga Teacher and Doula in 2008. Some of the services they provide include,


The formation of women’s income generating groups

They provide midwives and doulas to birthing mothers

Empower teen girls through workshops

Offer gardens and clean drinking water to the community


I was introduced to Shanti Uganda through a yoga teacher several years back while she was raising money for the organization through the sales of Christmas cards.

They were a new organization at the time and I have followed their progress through Social Media and newsletters ever since, and its truly amazing to see how much they have grown.


At Christmas I like to purchase their “Gifts of Action” for family members, and honestly people really love them, its cool to see the difference being made so far away from people in our own community. And even if your not in a position to donate at this time of the year its just humbling to see how other people live across the globe, and they always seem so happy and grateful even if life has not always dealt them the easiest hand.


So if you’re starting to feel jaded by all the Christmas commercialism visit their website it will bring you back down to earth…. and hopefully provide you with a moment of gratitude in your own day today.