Why you should be upside down…Part 2


  1. Bringing your head below your heart reverses the blood flow in the body and improves circulation. It also brings oxygen to your brain, which helps to improve mental capacity and focus.


  1. Increase your core and upper body strength, more women then men tend to practice yoga and typically our legs are more powerful, doing inversions such as head and hand-stands works deep into your core while also strengthening the shoulders and arms.


  1. Reduced Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, once your upside down the pressure in your body changes. Blood rushes to your head and the receptors in the brain signal the heart to lower its rate and pressure when pumping blood.


  1. Better Mood, studies have proved that inversions when practiced on a regular basis can improve your overall mood and lessen symptoms of depression.


  1. Improves balance, if you think it’s hard to balance on one leg well it’s a whole other ball game once you only have only your hands or shoulders to work with!


  1. Prevent Illness, the lymphatic system keeps the body healthy by eliminating toxins and bacteria through the lymph nodes. Lymphs move through muscle contractions and gravity so when you are upside down the lymphs can more easily travel through the respiratory system where the majority of toxins enter the body.


  1. Builds confidence, nothing feels better then when you can master some freaky yoga pose…also fun to break out at parties.


  1. Keeps you humble, learning a hard pose is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight, just strength alone will not get you there when it comes to a difficult inversion, it’s a combination of flexibility, power and confidence. The same way you feel empowered when you master a hard pose you feel humbled when you fall on your but a few dozen times!