The holiday season can come with a lot of excitement, but also a lot of stress. Picking out the perfect gift for our friends and family can bring us great joy, but if you’re stuck about what to get the loved ones in your life this gift can start to feel like a burden. We here at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness want to help ensure you find something for everyone in your life to love this holiday season. Here are some of our go to gift ideas for all the different loved ones in your life. 

For The New Yogi

There comes a time in every new yoga student’s life where they have to decide whether they’re ready to commit to yoga. And by commit, we mean invest in their very own yoga mat. If you’ve got a friend who’s new to yoga, our O2 Yoga Mat might be the perfect gift for them. Show your friend you’re paying attention to their passions and supporting their workout journeys by providing the perfect mat to ground themselves on for their next year of sun salutations. 

For Your Friend With An Emotional Attachment to Their Water Bottle

It’s important for all of us to stay hydrated, but we all know someone who’s a little more committed to that responsibility than the rest of us. If you know someone who’s never without their water bottle, why not give them another option for all their hydrating needs. Our Oxygen Yoga & Fitness bottle comes in white and black, with the black option currently available to pre-order for December shipping. 

For the Always Cold

The winter season brings with it the winter weather. And while some of us bask in the cold bite of the air, some of us are bound to be freezing until summer. Our Inhale Exhale Crewneck is like a warm hug your friend can keep with them and it comes with the added benefit of the reminder to breathe. Who couldn’t use that reminder sometimes?

For The Person Who Wants an Experience

Have you ever met someone who wants for nothing material? It’s an admirable quality, but can also make them impossible to shop for. If that’s the case for your special someone, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Get some once in a lifetime quality time together at our upcoming Costa Rica retreat. Share cultural experiences, exhilarating activities, and a deep dive into yoga, meditation, and wellbeing all at the incredible Tierra de Suenos Lodge. 

For the On the Go

Do you have a friend who’s always on a new adventure? Maybe it’s hikes with their dog. Maybe it’s festival season. No matter where they’re headed, if your friends tend to participate in activities where bringing a purse or bag isn’t exactly convenient, our 02 Belt Bag would make a great gift for them. 

If none of these ideas suit your fancy, you can find our full list of merchandise offerings here. Happy holidays!