Toronto, Canada, February 21, 2018: Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is opening doors in Midtown Toronto at 434 Eglinton Ave. W. The official VIP Grand Opening celebration for members of the press, local businesses, influencers and more, will take place on March 18th, 2018 from 12 to 5 pm.

There will be Samosas & Mimosas, prizes and swag for all those who attend. There will also be a grand prize draw at the Grand Opening for a 12-month unlimited membership valued at over $1300.00!

To complement the official opening, the yoga & fitness studio is offering a full week of free yoga & fitness classes they call KARMA WEEK, running from March 19th until the 25th. Partnered with the Childhood Cancer Foundation, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Midtown will be collecting proceeds by donation during Karma Week supporting Children fighting Cancer.

“We are incredibly excited to be opening Ontario’s Flagship store, right here in MIDTOWN TORONTO and are so humbled by the incredible support of the community,” said Ex-Nurse Nina Johar, owner of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Midtown. “With all proceeds raised at Karma Week going to the Childhood Cancer Foundation, we just can’t think of a better way to be opening our doors and our hearts to this community. We invite everyone in the Midtown Toronto neighborhood to join us this March 19th to experience some of the best yoga/fitness classes you’ve ever experienced while at the same time, being able to contribute to a great cause.”

“We are different… in a good way,I PROMISE!!” Oxygen yoga considers themselves modern yoga fused with fitness giving you the best of both worlds. “We hit you up with a unique variety of 60 min. classes in a stylish & designer boutique studio! A non-judgmental environment, open

to all levels of fitness, from beginners wanting to start a yoga and/or health & fitness regime to those who want to be challenged and pushed to the next fitness level.  We offer group classes with intense cardio and core work outs, balance, flexibility, deep-stretching & strengthening, complemented by deep breathing, relaxation and a calming of the mind. This is all done in our state of the art FAR Infrared Heated studio which ooze numerous health benefits.”

Unlike traditional hot yoga studios that push out hot air, Oxygen Yoga & Fitness uses FAR Infrared heated panels that heat you from the inside out so the air doesn’t get stuffy and the heat targets your body at a deeper cellular level where most toxins and health issues arise from. Oxygen also incorporates a special air filtration system extracting any moistened air in the room and pumps in fresh air (oxygen) to allow clean and clear, easy breathing.. hence the name “Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.”

Why is the FAR Infrared heat so Awesome? Science has proven that Far Infrared Heat…

  1. Improves Weight Loss– Science has proven that by being in a FAR Infrared heated room or sauna, you can burn upwards of 700 calories just lying there for an hour!
  2. Skin Purification-Improves skin tone and tightens the skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation resulting in clearer, softer and healthier looking skin.
  3. Detoxification– The FAR Infrared heats the body from the core outwards, working at the cellular level where toxins reside. Directly targeting this area allows you to detox more.
  4. Pain Relief– the Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints & muscles to relieve anything from minor aches & pains to chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.


So there you have it! Register now for the forthcoming FREE KARMA WEEK! Space is limited!